Aventon Sinch eBike Review
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Aventon Sinch eBike Review – Electric Folding eBike


Today we’re taking a look at the Aventon Sinch eBike, a folding ebike with a step through frame, fat tire wheels that give it a unique super compact style and look that you can fit it in your car trunk, RV, or a closet at home. The Aventon Sinch eBike is part of Aventon’s new lineup of electric bikes.

We’ve reviewed other models from Aventon like the Pace and Aventure, and have found their ebikes to have some of the best quality and design from electric bikes we’ve tested here in the US. The new Sinch starts at $1,800,

The Aventon Sinch is available in 2 colors and we got ours in the Green color- which we think looks really good, but it’s also available in red which looks just as good. The bike ships in a large box, and inside the bike is fully assembled.

This is already a huge bonus, since most other eBikes require some assembly coming out of the box. All you need to do with the sinch is unfold it and position the handlebars and display to your preferred angle using the included Hex key. You can also adjust the handlebar up and down to your correct height.

Tires and suspension

Since the design of the Sinch is a step through frame, it’s super easy to get on and off, and the seat post can be lowered so it will fit both tall or short riders. The tires are 4” Fat street tires, with tan sidewalls that give it a nice accent and style.

The Sinch also has front fork suspension that can adjust or lock out, while the rear features no suspension. But with the combination of the fat tires and front suspension, it’s definitely capable and even allows you to do some light off-roading.

Aventon sinch tire

Riding position

Testing the ride feel of the Cinch, it’s excellent overall. The only thing we noticed is that the front handlebars are slightly forward compared to other bikes from Aventon, so it doesn’t go as far back as the Aventon Pace, which has swept back handlebars closer to your body.

Aventon Sinch eBike Specs and features

Looking at the specs, the motor is a 500 watt hub motor in the rear wheel, which will give you a max speed of up to 20mph using either throttle or pedal assist. You can limit the power with 5 different pedal assist modes, switching using the buttons on the left hand side control.

500W Electric motor

And you even have a thumb throttle, so you can accelerate without having to pedal at all. The Sinch has a 7 speed derailleur, so you can also change the manual gears of the bike using the shifter on the right side of the handlebar.

Aventon Sinch eBike Battery and range

Looking at the battery, it’s a 48v pack that’s tucked into the frame, and you can easily and quickly remove it using the key lock. The battery can be charged either on the bike or off, and can fully charge in 4 to 5 hours.

For range, Aventon advertises a range between 25-50 miles. The range will vary on rider weight and also how you ride the bike. On pedal assist mode 5 going 20mph, you’ll get about 25 miles. Aventon has a real world testing range guide on their website that estimates how much you can expect depending on speed and how much throttle you use.

Controls, display and apps

Display, controls and apps

For the controls, they are very intuitive, and the color display that Aventon has on their bikes is one of the best that we’ve seen from other eBikes. It’s bright and easy to read, showing you battery with percentage, top speed, the pedal assist mode you’re in, along with trip distance and odometer readings.

When toggling through the stats, you can even see how much Co2 you’ve reduced and how many trees you’re saving by riding electric. You even have the ability to connect to the bike using your phone.

The Aventon App is for iOS and Android, and allows you to see more details on the bike status like battery life, change different settings, track your rides, and even has a social media section to connect with the Aventon community and share photos.

Folding, Cycling and weight

Once you’re done with your ride, folding the Sinch is very easy. The handlebar stem has a latch to fold down, while the frame has a large clamp you pull in order to fold the bike in half.

And the pedals even fold to take up even less space. Folding the bike is easy, but carrying it can be a little bit awkward– and it’s also heavy coming in at 68lbs. But that weight does include the battery, so you can always remove it and carry it separately.

Aventon Sinch eBike Review

Aventon Sinch eBike Drawbacks and conclusion

For the price, the new Sinch starts at $1,800. That might seem expensive for an eBike, but it’s also a folding frame that packs many great features. Now there are a few things that the Sinch does not include that we wish it had, like front and rear lights and fenders.

While those accessories aren’t included, you can buy them separately and add them to the bike. Aventon also sells rear racks for lugging your gear or attaching a crate.

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