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True Wireless Beats Studio Buds Review

Various companies have tried to conquer the earbud market by competing with different technologies to produce earbuds in recent history. Still, Beats Studio Buds is the best audio earbud manufactured by Beats. They are easy to wear. They make a lot of noise because of the noise-canceling technology it has.

Beats Studio Buds is a set of well-established virtual wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and support for Apple’s Spatial Sound with the Dolby Atmos model. The audio is excellent, with excellent audio quality, which elevates the low and high levels of your songs, and makes them very easy to wear for a long time.

Beats Studio Buds

Because Apple purchased Beats in 2014, each version of Beats headphones, as well as earbuds, has come to be a lot more connected to the Apple environment. That all modifications with the Beats Workshop Buds, which drops the Apple H1 and W1 chips for an extra global experience across both Apple as well as Android devices.

It is powered by eight hours of listening battery life and active noise canceling and Dolby Atoms technology. Beats Studio Buds are rated IPX4 for their water resistance. which means they are resistant to sweat and water spray in any direction. This means that you can take it to the gym and be very careful with water. Due to the lack of direct water protection strategies, care should be taken not to get involved in water-related activities. The case is not resistant to sweat or water.

You might think that the Studio Buds, manufactured by Apple’s affiliate Beats, are only compatible with Apple devices. Of course not. Beats wireless headphones and earbuds are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. If you want to compare with Sony LinkBuds check out our Sony LinkBuds review

Beats Studio Buds Price and availability

Beats Studio Buds, not as expensive as Apple Airpods, are available for $ 99.95 from Amazon in four colors: Black, Red, White, and Moon Gray.

Audio performance and active noise cancellation

Sound Beats Studio Buds surrounds you with immersive music, support for spatial audio for movies and games – giving you a surround sound experience that you can take with you anywhere.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) continuously blocks unwanted external noise.
Switch to the transparent mode when you want to listen to the world around you. Externally facing microphones allow you to recreate the sounds around you for a natural listening experience.

How good is the Beats Studio Buds for phone calls?

Beats Studio Buds dual-beam mics provide adequate microphone quality. No one reported experiencing my voice issues through Studio Buds during calls, even when I was walking through busy streets. With Dolby Atom and Active noise cancellation technology, you can listen to conversations without external noise.

Beats Studio Buds Active Noise Cancellation

Beats Studio Buds Comfortable and smooth

To enhance the comfort, stability and sound quality of your earbuds, choose from three sizes of soft silicone earrings.

Simple one-touch pairing & on device controls

Beats Studio Buds is a simple one-touch pair for Apple and Android devices that connects easily via Bluetooth. Ear controls allow you to manage calls and control music. You can customize the “press and hold” function on one or both buds to manage listening modes, enable voice support, or control volume.

Compatible with Apple & Android

With the Beats app for Android, you get built-in controls, device status (i.e., battery levels), and firmware updates.

These features are built into iOS without the need for any apps, and Studio Buds automatically pair with your Apple ecosystem to make a one-touch pairing with all your devices. iPhone users can activate Siri Hand-free by saying, “Hey Siri.”

How do I activate Siri or other voice assistants?

On Apple tools, you can activate Siri hands-free simply by claiming “Hey Siri.” Or, alter the function of the multi-function button to trigger your voice aide within your iOS settings. On Android, download the Beats application to change the feature of the multi-function button to trigger the default voice aide on your tool.

How do I pair with my iPhone?

Remove the Beats Studio earbud from the charge box and place it next to the unlocked phone on the latest iOS-enabled iPhone, then follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I pair with my Android device?

On Android, you can pair your item with a single tap using Google fast pair. To access the function, you must have access to Google Play Solutions as well as the location allowed on Android 6.0 or later. If you meet those requirements, open the case cover, hold the unlocked phone, and follow the on-screen guidelines. You can customize your product by choosing the standard Bluetooth menu.

How do I pair with my iPhone?

Beats Studio Buds Power and battery Life

It has an eight-hour listening time and a pocket-sized 24-hour charger case. Studio Buds can give up to 8 hours of listening time with ANC disabled or up to 5 hours with ANC activation. There are two additional charges in this case: 24 hours for ANC deactivation or 15 hours for ANC deactivation.

How to charge It?

To charge your Beats Studio Buds, put them in the charging case. When you require to charge both the earbuds and the case, place the earbuds in the case and also attach the case to a power source with the USB-C wire that consists of your Beats Studio Buds. You can additionally charge the case without the earbuds.

How do you turn them on and off?

Beats Studio Buds activates automatically when removed from the charge box and power off when the cover is closed and reset.

How to keep the item up to date?

Software application updates will be provided from time to time to allow for new features or to enhance the item experience. These ‘silent’ updates are automatically allowed when connected to an Apple device. To stay updated on Android devices, download and install the Beats app from Google Play.

What is in the package

  • Beats Studio Buds
  • USB – C to USB – C charging cable
  • Ear tips with three size option
  • Quick start guide
  • “b” Logo sticker
  • Warranty card

Beats Studio Buds Compare Beats products

FeaturesBeats Fit ProBeats Studio BudsPowerbeats ProBeats Flex
Beats Studio Buds
Noise CancellingYesYesN/AN/A
Sweat+Water ResistantYesYesYesYes
Battery LifeUp to 6 hours with ANC/Transparency On (24 hours with charging case); Up to 7 hours in Adaptive EQ with ANC/Transparency Off (30 hours with charging case)Up to 5 hours with ANC/Transparency On (15 hours with charging case); Up to 8 hours with ANC/Transparency Off (24 hours with charging case)Up to 9 hours (24 hours with charging case)Up to 12 hours
Fast Fuel ChargingYesYesYesYes
Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity*YesYesYesYes
Headphone ChipApple H1 ChipBeats Custom Bluetooth ChipApple H1 ChipApple W1 Chip
AndroidTM CompatibleYesYesYesYes
Built-in mic and controlsYesYesYesYes
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