Best five plugins for chrome

Best 5 Plugins for Chrome

1) Enhancer for YouTube

This add-on makes YouTube, a site you frequently visit, much easier to manage than ever before. Also, the following things are included in this add-on.

  • Control the speed of the video and video using the mouse wheel
  • Remove ads from videos Automatically
  • Activate relevant videos in any format you like
  • Loop videos (in part or whole)
  • Ability to loop a video you are watching
  • Ability to use any theme you like,

And many more features are available with this add-on.

2) Grammar and Spell Checker – Language Tool

This is very important for someone who posts things like blog posts. This is a service similar to Grammarly that most people know, but it is free. I’ve been using this for a while now. I think people now understand the value of this.

3) DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

First, there is a name that not many people have heard of. What is DuckDuckGo? The short answer and the easier answer is that it is a search engine like Google. So what’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” If you care a little bit about your data, you already know that Google takes a lot of our data and uses it for various purposes. A lot of these things are things that make you ease. But, if you do not want to let anyone know about your identity, DuckDuckGo is the best search engine for you. In this case, at least your search history will not be stored on their servers.

 4) HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS encrypts the data you enter and receive on your web page, especially passwords and credit card details. I’m not saying you’ve been working and looking over your shoulder. I mean something that makes it extremely difficult for an intermediary (like a hacker) between the server computer that contains the web page and your web browser. However, some websites do not have this HTTPS feature enabled. What this extension does is make a secure site accessible to you. This is a very valuable extension. HTTPS Everywhere is an inbuilt extension of the Tor browser, a web browser specializing in privacy and privacy. So, try it yourself.

5) uBlock Origin

If you are a frequent Internet user (you should be if you read a blog like this), you know about the ads or advertisements on the websites that bother us. We use Ad-Blockers as a solution to this problem. I used the Ad-blocker Plus extension before, but only until I found out about this uBlock Origin extension. Because Ad-blocker Plus is an extension that uses a lot of RAM and processing power in your device. But uBlock Origin is an extension that blocks ads very actively using very few resources. So, without slowing down your device, try using this extension here to avoid the trouble of ads.

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