• Best Android Apps 2022

    The Best Android Apps 2022

    With the start of a new month, we are back with our monthly best android apps series for July. And this article is packed with eight amazing apps. I will show you six must-have apps on your phone, One excellent wallpaper app, and one game you should try this month. So, without further ado, let’s start the article. 01. Cometin Now let’s start the article with the first app, Cometin. That allows you to make valuable customizations that improve your smartphone usage experience without rooting your phone. Cometin contains a collection of features in the form of modules. The app has thirteen modules: Ambient display, Better rotation, Caffeine, Comethin Sync,…

  • How To Get More Facebook Likes & Followers Organically - Complete guide

    How To Get More Facebook Likes & Followers Organically – Complete guide

    Why you need a Facebook page As you and I are well aware, Facebook is a social media platform used by billions of users worldwide. Then you will understand why you need a Facebook page. The most obvious reason for creating a Facebook page is the traffic of billions of users worldwide. A Facebook page can take users through the billions of Facebook users to any destination you choose. That means you can bring visitors and customers to your business, website, and YouTube channel. This is the only way you can take your business internationally. But this is not easy. It can be easy at times, depending on your business.…

  • What is vpn

    What is VPN | Virtual private network

    What is VPN? What is a VPN? Virtual private networking is a private virtual network that connects two or more networks using different means and at the same time. A virtual private network extends a virtual private network over an existing public network. It lets users send and get information across public or shared networks like their personal computing devices were connected to the private networking. This concept of a VPN was borrowed from the idea of private networks used in many computers, such as a router and switches, to secure communication. So, how does one go about availing of the VPN service? There are many types of VPN service…

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    Steam Screenshot Folder : How To Take Screenshots In Steam Games and How to Find Steam Screenshot Folder

    How To Take Screenshots In Steam Games If you are new to Steam gaming, one of the first things you will want to learn about is how to take screenshots in Steam games. Many games come with a unique feature that allows you to save your game at specific points in the game. These screenshots are stored in your user profile folder, which is located inside your Steam directory. It is best if you create a folder separate from the main Steam application. How To Take Screenshots In Steam Games: When you are in the main menu of your Steam game, you can click the top right option called Game…

  • Bitcoin Future Prediction
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    Bitcoin Future Prediction

    Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about the future of bitcoins and what I think of their potential as a viable alternative to traditional currencies. Some people are very fearful of this because they are worried that it could hurt the economy badly. Others are worried that it will not have anywhere near the success that people think it can have. My intention in this article is to give you an analysis of my views on this subject. Hopefully, it will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not you should get involved with the future of bitcoins. The first issue that people need…

  • what is Website Hosting

    What is Website Hosting?

    A website hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service that enables people and organizations to create their websites accessible through the World Wide Web. Website hosting services can either be for single pages or multiple websites. A person can either have his domain, or he/she can use a website host that offers free domain registration. However, this option is not always available. A lot of people think that a free website hosting service offers poor quality service. However, they are not aware that the same servers host free websites and host corporate and business sites. Hence, a company like Yahoo! or Microsoft will use the same servers that…

  • Increase eBay selling 2021

    Increase eBay selling 2021

    Create eBay Seller Account The simple initial step to begin offering on eBay is to make an eBay dealer account. It is from this eBay account that a vendor starts moving on eBay. To create the eBay vendor account, click HERE! Product Listing When the eBay merchant account has been made, a vendor can begin making the item posting, which is the subsequent stage that a dealer needs to take while moving on eBay. Presently, pointers can remember while making the item posting on eBay as the right item posting can create a buzz for your items on eBay. In contrast, improper posting can influence clients to overlook your item…

  • How to Increase Torrent Download Speed
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    How to Increase Torrent Download Speed

    Why Torrent download speed slow? Here’s why the torrent download is slow even internet speed is high. Some ISP (Internet Service Provider) has a speed cap for torrent download. Try to see your telco/network provider T&C like speed cap for torrent download. Some because of our settings. Some other reasons are if you subscribe to high speed but get low speed (e.g., you subscribe to 1gbps, but you get a rate of about 100mbps instead). I recommended use a 5GHz WiFi band or use Ethernet cable to laptop because the 2.4GHz WiFi band doesn’t reach more than 100mbps+. Keep in mind there is no perfect list of settings because it’s…

  • 6 Best Video Editing Apps 2021

    6 Best Video Editing Apps 2021

    1. VivaVideo With the assistance of this free video altering application, you can work with pictures and recordings. And make video montages on your Android cell phone straightforwardly. The principle menu of VivaVideo comprises free video supervisors utilizing. Which you can choose whichever video you need to pick or record straightforwardly from the application. You can too straightforwardly go to the montage stage with the assistance of recordings and photographs. If you need to do video altering. At that point, the montage will open up choices for you to choose the pictures and video you might want to add to your new video. You can begin utilizing the instruments accessible…

  • How to Live Streaming using Android App

    How to Live Streaming using Android App?

    Android live stream. It’s very simple. Because today, we’ll talk about live streaming apps. Thus, we will be looking at the most popular streaming application. Next, we’ll find out how to create a flagship in this and make money on it.There are so many different Live streaming scripts floating around the most popular app stores. So it would help if you planned out to find out how to make a live streaming Android app or iOS app. To deal with all the other apps, we would suggest finding the video stream apps that exist. Live broadcasting apps: Well, it is one of the most popular types of streaming media. This…