• Aventon Pace 500
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    Aventon Pace 500 eBike Review – Next Generation

    Today we’re looking at the new Aventon Pace 500, a new electric bike from Aventon that’s got a simple design and sleek look and is available in either step-through or step-over frame– making it perfect for riders of all heights. At $1,700, it’s packed with features like a pedal assist, throttle, a colour LCD screen, and integrated headlight and tail lights built into the frame. Aventon also sells the Pace 350, which has the same frame and build but has a smaller battery and less powerful motor, starting at $1,400. Aventon sent us one of their Pace 500 eBike so we could put it to the test and see how…

  • 2023 Cadillac Lyriq
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    2023 Cadillac Lyriq Electric SUV Review

    The first Cadillac car in the all-electric LYRIQ series rolled off the assembly line at the SAIC-GM joint-venture factory in Shanghai on May 7; This marks a significant step toward its mass production. It’s also the first new car model to be manufactured at the plant owned by auto giant Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and US-based General Motors since it resumed operations amid the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown. The mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle, Cadillac’s first all-electric vehicle, will begin final performance testing, JV Yicai Global said. Deliveries should start in the middle of the year. The LYRIQ is also the first car to be made using GM’s new Ultium energy…

  • Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Delivery Of The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq
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    Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Delivery Of The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq

    The era of electric vehicles is here, and Cadillac has joined the fray among auto giants trying to outdo each other. The premium brand’s first fully-electric vehicle has generated a lot of buzz and excitement, and that’s just the beginning. The Lyriq joins an impressive lineup of electric vehicles from the iconic industry titan, and we’re excited to see what it can do to carve out a slice of the growing market. Hello friends, welcome to Tech Electric Ventures, your one-stop site for all things EV. The Lyriq stands out because it marks Cadillac’s transition to fully electric vehicles, with the company pledging to make every new Cadillac vehicle an…

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    Toyota introduced their new EV engine, changing the electric car industry

    The engine is the heart of the car since the vehicle cannot move without it! It’s not enough for automakers to install an engine in a electric car. They want to be better than their rivals by putting their best foot forward! That is why Toyota is continuously improving the engines in its automobiles. The Japanese company’s new engine blows the competition away! What form and capacity will Toyota’s new electric car engine have? Let’s go into details about the ALL-NEW electric car engine developed by Toyota and understand why it’s more efficient than its competitors! Toyota is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers! The Covid-19 pandemic and chip…

  • toyota bz4x review
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    Toyota bZ4x 2023 Review – Toyota is Making a New Powerful Electric Vehicle

    The Toyota bZ4X. I guess naming a car is hard work, almost as hard as picking a name for a baby. Still, someone at Toyota eventually got frustrated when naming their first electric SUV and just slammed their keyboard and typed bZ4X. They then sat back and thought. That’s the name. And apparently, everyone else at Toyota was like, yeah, okay, we agree. That sounds good. And why did no one stand up at that meeting and say are you guys seriously considering calling this the bZ4X? Obviously, that didn’t happen, and now we’re here. So yeah, this is the bZ4X. And if you’re wondering what that name stands for,…

  • Top 10 Budget Electric Cars Coming Soon In 2023-2024
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    Top 10 Budget Electric Cars Coming Soon In 2023-2024

    It’s difficult to track all the electric cars and SUVs scheduled to be released during the next few years. Others are still concept cars or in the early phases of development, while several forthcoming EVs have already been formally unveiled with the promised specifications and launch dates. Electric Cars of all sizes and shapes are starting to appear quickly, whether it’s a fully electric version of an existing automobile, an optional electric powertrain that becomes available as part of a vehicle’s makeover, or a brand-new electric vehicle that’s been designed from the ground up. Today, we will look at the coolest electric automobiles for all budgets available in 2023 and…

  • China's BYD has overtaken Tesla as the leader in the electric car industry
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    China’s BYD has overtaken Tesla as the leader in the electric car industry

    Since its initial Roadster debut in 2008, Tesla has dominated the market for electric cars. With 23% of the EV market at the end of 2020, Elon Musk’s California-based company recently made history by becoming the first automaker to reach a $1 trillion market valuation. On the other hand, competitors want to speed up their own EV initiatives to dethrone Musk’s business as the leading producer. BYD, which Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway backs, is also a battery manufacturer that has grown into a significant electric car brand in China, with some of its models competing with Tesla in popularity. BYD has so far surpassed most competitors in the market for…

  • Fluid Mosquito Scooter
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    Fluid Mosquito Scooter Review – Fast & Portable Electric Bike

    Fluid Mosquito Scooter Introduction & Pricing Today we’re reviewing the new Fluid Mosquito Scooter, an ultra-compact scooter that still packs many high-end features like a powerful motor, 28mph top speed, suspension and more. The Mosquito can be bought from Fluid Freeride and is priced at $1,000. The Mosquito is fully assembled right out of the box for shipping and setup. No assembly is required. All you need to do is adjust the brake levers, and you’re ready to ride. Fluid Mosquito Scooter Style & Portability Looking at the scooter’s design, it’s got a simple and clean style in all black with very little branding on it. The handlebar height is…

  • Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars
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    Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars In The World 2022

    Safe elegant eco-friendly and capable of reaching an impressive speed. Fasten your seat belt because today you’ll be looking at the top 10 fastest electric cars. 01. KARMA Se2 Karma sc2, we start off the top 10 list with the karma sc2, a colourful car with scissor doors that go up in the purest style of a Lamborghini. It has a top speed of 200 miles per hour and front and rear twin electric motors that deliver 1 100 horsepower with 1033 pound-feet wheel torque and can achieve zero to 62 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds. Its 120-kilowatt-hour battery provides a range of 350 miles. If this were…

  • Aventon Sinch eBike Review
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    Aventon Sinch eBike Review – Electric Folding eBike

    Introduction Today we’re taking a look at the Aventon Sinch eBike, a folding ebike with a step through frame, fat tire wheels that give it a unique super compact style and look that you can fit it in your car trunk, RV, or a closet at home. The Aventon Sinch eBike is part of Aventon’s new lineup of electric bikes. We’ve reviewed other models from Aventon like the Pace and Aventure, and have found their ebikes to have some of the best quality and design from electric bikes we’ve tested here in the US. The new Sinch starts at $1,800, The Aventon Sinch is available in 2 colors and we…