• Aventon Pace 500
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    Aventon Pace 500 eBike Review – Next Generation

    Today we’re looking at the new Aventon Pace 500, a new electric bike from Aventon that’s got a simple design and sleek look and is available in either step-through or step-over frame– making it perfect for riders of all heights. At $1,700, it’s packed with features like a pedal assist, throttle, a colour LCD screen, and integrated headlight and tail lights built into the frame. Aventon also sells the Pace 350, which has the same frame and build but has a smaller battery and less powerful motor, starting at $1,400. Aventon sent us one of their Pace 500 eBike so we could put it to the test and see how…

  • Fluid Mosquito Scooter
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    Fluid Mosquito Scooter Review – Fast & Portable Electric Bike

    Fluid Mosquito Scooter Introduction & Pricing Today we’re reviewing the new Fluid Mosquito Scooter, an ultra-compact scooter that still packs many high-end features like a powerful motor, 28mph top speed, suspension and more. The Mosquito can be bought from Fluid Freeride and is priced at $1,000. The Mosquito is fully assembled right out of the box for shipping and setup. No assembly is required. All you need to do is adjust the brake levers, and you’re ready to ride. Fluid Mosquito Scooter Style & Portability Looking at the scooter’s design, it’s got a simple and clean style in all black with very little branding on it. The handlebar height is…

  • Aventon Sinch eBike Review
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    Aventon Sinch eBike Review – Electric Folding eBike

    Introduction Today we’re taking a look at the Aventon Sinch eBike, a folding ebike with a step through frame, fat tire wheels that give it a unique super compact style and look that you can fit it in your car trunk, RV, or a closet at home. The Aventon Sinch eBike is part of Aventon’s new lineup of electric bikes. We’ve reviewed other models from Aventon like the Pace and Aventure, and have found their ebikes to have some of the best quality and design from electric bikes we’ve tested here in the US. The new Sinch starts at $1,800, The Aventon Sinch is available in 2 colors and we…