• teak tree
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    Teak Tree – Tectona grandis : Where Is It From?

    The teak tree has been known to be one of the most durable wood trees available today. Teak tree is not only used for outdoor furniture and garden decking. There are other practical and creative uses for this natural hardwood from South East Asia. The teak tree comes in two different forms. One is the deciduous tree, and the other is the annual growing tree. The deciduous teak tree grows to a height of around 15 feet. It is a very hardy tree and can withstand dry spells and hot spells. However, it is not able to stand heavy frost and freezing spells during the winter season. Teak wood is…

  • mango tree
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    Interesting Facts About the Mango Tree

    The mango tree can be a very attractive addition to your landscape and garden. It is an evergreen tree that flowers late in the year – June through August in North America and late in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It can grow up to a height of 30 feet and is mainly a shade-loving tree. These traits make it a very versatile plant that can be planted almost anywhere, with little concern for the soil or sun conditions since it blooms largely in the late summer through early fall. What is special about mango tree? What is unique about a mango tree? Is it mango flavor and delicious…

  • oak tree
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    An Introduction to Oak Tree

    Oak trees are known all across America and other countries. Red oak trees have straight, thin leaves with needle-like lobes tipped by tiny bristles. Their acorns usually take two years to maturity and sprout right after they fall from the tree. An oak tree is one of the most sought after trees in the world for its wonderful shape, color, aroma, and value as a wood. Red and white oaks have the same trunk and leaves. However, red oaks have darker bark and a white border around the entire box, while the white ones have a grayish tinted bark with white hairs around them. Red oaks also differ in having…