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    Who is Best Email Service Provider? Top 5 Best Email Service Providers In The World

    If you’re in search of the top email service providers available in the world, you’re in the right spot.Finding the most reliable email service providers today could be simple. Register using an ISP, and you’ll have an account to start. Signing up through Google, Microsoft, or other prominent names will result in more. Get a quality Web hosting package, and you’ll likely receive plenty of email addresses needed to run any business of size without any extra fee. However, choosing the right email service provider isn’t easy since there are lots to think about, especially with the advent of remote work. For example, what do the filters for spam? How…

  • What is Microsoft network adapter multiplexor protocol

    What is Microsoft network adapter multiplexor protocol

    Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol(MS NIC) is a firmware-based device driver. Usually, people utilize it for the fast bonding of multiple NICs (network interface cards). Besides, it also serves as a device that controls communication between networking devices such as computers, printers, and others. Nic is also a helpful feature inside the Windows operating system for any network activity and even within virtual machine networking. As you may already know, Microsoft has released the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol (also known as Multiplex) to allow for easy setup, operation, and maintenance of network connections. This is considered an industry-standard today. However, not all people are familiar with it.If you want…

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    Network Firewall | What is Network Firewall?

    what is firewall? What is a firewall? A firewall is an automated network safety device that watches and controls the outgoing and incoming network traffic in computer science according to pre-determined security rules. A firewall usually establishes a buffer zone within a network, separating an untrusted network from a trusted network, like the Internet. There are many types of firewalls available for network applications; some of them are built right into the operating system and allow for automatic firewall installation, while some of them require manual installation. Regardless of whether you are making a new house or renting an apartment, you may need a basic firewall to protect your home…

  • What are the Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

    What are the Key Benefits of Cloud Computing?

    1. Improved Workplace Productivity One of the most impactful advantages of cloud computing is the increased productivity it delivers. Disjointed on-premises IT services and a resource-limited IT staff make for an inefficient and ineffective IT program. They can have a profound impact on your employees’ ability to perform at their best. Cloud computing allows you to provide your employees with tools that give them the ability to do their best work without the interference of outdated legacy systems, effectively streamlining day-to-day operations. For example, cloud-based IT services are made available to your employees from any device, anywhere in the world. They’re able to access tools like team messaging, file sharing,…

  • What is Cloud Technology
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    What is Cloud Technology

    Cloud Technology, More and more, we are seeing technology moving to the cloud. It’s not just a fad — the shift from traditional software models to the internet has steadily gained momentum over the last ten years. Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere, through mobile devices. So what is cloud computing? Essentially, cloud computing is a kind of outsourcing of computer programs. Using cloud computing, users can access software and applications from wherever they are; the computer programs are hosted by an outside party and reside in the cloud. This means that users do not have to worry about storage and power.…

  • How to Increase Torrent Download Speed
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    How to Increase Torrent Download Speed

    Why Torrent download speed slow? Here’s why the torrent download is slow even internet speed is high. Some ISP (Internet Service Provider) has a speed cap for torrent download. Try to see your telco/network provider T&C like speed cap for torrent download. Some because of our settings. Some other reasons are if you subscribe to high speed but get low speed (e.g., you subscribe to 1gbps, but you get a rate of about 100mbps instead). I recommended use a 5GHz WiFi band or use Ethernet cable to laptop because the 2.4GHz WiFi band doesn’t reach more than 100mbps+. Keep in mind there is no perfect list of settings because it’s…

  • SEO impact of migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

    SEO impact of migrating from HTTP to HTTPS?

    Both protocols are nearly identical except for the usage of SSL in HTTPS. There are additional technical details. However, the focus is on the differences, and HTTPS is so significant now. How HTTPS Affects Your SEO Though we’ve noticed why Google much prefers HTTPS due to safety, there are different reasons for implementing this. These motives include a potential increase in search engine rankings and reassuring your customers of your website integrity. Better Search Engine Rankings As stated previously, Google gives preference to positions for HTTPS websites versus HTTP websites. This implies that if you’re the only person of ten related websites to execute HTTPS — it’s possible your website…

  • Google Baloon in Space

    Google Baloon in Space

    As you may already know, SpaceX has launched the Starlink Inter-Satellite Project. To install towers, provide services, and provide Internet services in difficult-to-maintain areas. To this end, Google has long been developing a Google Loon, a space-based balloon-assisted Internet access point. Google has been experimenting with this project in Sri Lanka in the past. But it was halt due to various issues. Fill to a tennis court’s size, these helium-filled balloons are position 65,000 feet above the sky. Even above commercial aircraft, and are powered by solar panels. But the main challenge for the researchers at Google was to keep the balloon in one place. And they are now able…