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    Who is Best Email Service Provider? Top 5 Best Email Service Providers In The World

    If you’re in search of the top email service providers available in the world, you’re in the right spot.Finding the most reliable email service providers today could be simple. Register using an ISP, and you’ll have an account to start. Signing up through Google, Microsoft, or other prominent names will result in more. Get a quality Web hosting package, and you’ll likely receive plenty of email addresses needed to run any business of size without any extra fee. However, choosing the right email service provider isn’t easy since there are lots to think about, especially with the advent of remote work. For example, what do the filters for spam? How…

  • Bitcoin Future Prediction
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    Bitcoin Future Prediction

    Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about the future of bitcoins and what I think of their potential as a viable alternative to traditional currencies. Some people are very fearful of this because they are worried that it could hurt the economy badly. Others are worried that it will not have anywhere near the success that people think it can have. My intention in this article is to give you an analysis of my views on this subject. Hopefully, it will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not you should get involved with the future of bitcoins. The first issue that people need…

  • Common mistakes in eCommerce Stores

    Common mistakes in eCommerce Stores

    Common mistakes made by beginner eCommerce stores are revealed in the numerous questions that are raised by those who use online shopping. What are the most common errors that eCommerce stores face, and what are the ways to avoid these? It is very difficult to figure out a strategy for an online business that will work without making any errors. It is also very hard to avoid being at the receiving end of bad technical and marketing SEO. Too low SEM investments can result in disastrous results, and too high investments can lead to a site that does not get any traffic. How do you make sure that the money…

  • What is Cloud Technology
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    What is Cloud Technology

    Cloud Technology, More and more, we are seeing technology moving to the cloud. It’s not just a fad — the shift from traditional software models to the internet has steadily gained momentum over the last ten years. Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere, through mobile devices. So what is cloud computing? Essentially, cloud computing is a kind of outsourcing of computer programs. Using cloud computing, users can access software and applications from wherever they are; the computer programs are hosted by an outside party and reside in the cloud. This means that users do not have to worry about storage and power.…

  • what is tor browser

    What is TOR Browser?

    TOR is an acronym for The Onion Router. It is a browser with a built-in feature similar to VPN, known as the TOR network. A TOR network is a collection of many nodes (i.e., computers using a TOR, servers dedicated for running the TOR network). Any link or website opened using TOR browser is encrypted and distributed within these nodes, thereby reducing the chances of being traced to practically zero (unless the exit node itself is run by a spy, but won’t go into that now.) TOR browser is very easy to use if one is not having a proxy Internet, in which TOR bridges will be required, or the…

  • difference http and https

    What are HTTP and HTTPS?

    Whether it’s HTTP or HTTPS, both are protocols build to transfer information between computers over WWW (World Wide Web). The main difference is that when “S” is attached to the “HTTP.”HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) does the same thing as HTTPS, like conveying information like document, file, image, video between computers over the web, but not in an encrypted format it becomes vulnerable to attacks occur over the web. So, for this, HTTPS is introduced. HTTP HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is a client-server protocol in that two devices communicates using a reliable, connection-oriented transport service such as the TCP.It is platform-independent, which allows straight cross-platform porting.As I said…

  • 2FA
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    What is Two-Step Verification

    Two-factor authentication is a new level of your data protection. To access your account, you use not only login and password but also additional authentication factors. One of the most popular second authentication factors is a one-time password (OTP). Two-factor authentication with OTP is a flexible and affordable solution. You can get OTP in different ways: SMS, e-mail, software application, or hardware device. So what are the pros of using 2FA? The main advantage of 2FA is reliable data protection as the right to access no longer relies solely on a password’s strength. If you lose one of the authentication factors (lose your hardware token or a thief gets access…

  • google authenticator
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    What is Google Authenticator?

    An authentication app such as Google Authenticator is an OTP (one-time-password) app. That allows users to utilize MFA (multi-factor authentication) or 2FA(two factor authentication) in order to access an account or profile. Typically, once the password is entered, the service or login will prompt the user to access the app in order to access the OTP via text or email. Then, the user enters the OTP into the service and is granted access. One-time passwords satisfy the possession (something you physically have with you) factor offering added security to outdated SSO (single-sign on) username and password logins. OTP’s are additionally available via SMS & email, however (a word of caution).…

  • How much does Google know about you_

    How much does Google know about you?

    Google knows a lot about you. for example, Your Browsing History. Videos you watched on YouTube. Goods you bought over the internet. You Location History Google can get things like. Even though these may seem small to you, the amount of data generated from these is huge. Looking for Terms & Conditions that agree without looking Usually, when we install a new service or software, we often do not read the service’s privacy settings. So you understand by now that agreeing to this means that you are unknowingly or knowingly allowing your data to be taken. So now it’s not surprising that Google knows things like your age and where you live. Places…