Fluid Mosquito Scooter
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Fluid Mosquito Scooter Review – Fast & Portable Electric Bike

Fluid Mosquito Scooter Introduction & Pricing

Today we’re reviewing the new Fluid Mosquito Scooter, an ultra-compact scooter that still packs many high-end features like a powerful motor, 28mph top speed, suspension and more. The Mosquito can be bought from Fluid Freeride and is priced at $1,000.

The Mosquito is fully assembled right out of the box for shipping and setup. No assembly is required. All you need to do is adjust the brake levers, and you’re ready to ride.

Fluid Mosquito Scooter Style & Portability

Looking at the scooter’s design, it’s got a simple and clean style in all black with very little branding on it. The handlebar height is adjustable and has two different height settings, so you can adjust it based on your preference. The handlebars can also fold in and can be done quickly by pressing a button on the grip and pulling out.

The stem also folds down easily using a foot latch at the head of the deck and clips right into the rear mudguard – and once it’s folded, we like that the scooter comes with a Velcro strapped handle. With a weight of 29 lbs. and these smart folding mechanisms, we think the Mosquito is one of the more portable scooters out there.

Fluid Mosquito Scooter

Fluid Mosquito Scooter Features & Specs

For specs, it features a 500-watt motor in the front wheel, which can peak at 700 watts giving it plenty of power for a scooter of this size. Riding the Mosquito, you can set 5 different speed modes, with one being the lowest at five mph and five being the highest allowing you to get up to 28mph.

Though, one drawback is that you can’t quickly change the speed modes. In order to set it, you need to turn off the scooter and press the electric brake lever while powering on the scooter. This brings you to the menu setting, where you can then change the speed mode. For buttons, they are located underneath the display, and there’s a button for the horn, light, settings button and power on or off.

The horn is a loud electronic horn that will definitely be heard when you hit it. One drawback to the buttons, however, is the location of them. Since they aren’t facing up, they aren’t as easy to see when you’re riding. The screen on the Mosquito is a color LCD display that gives many different stats, including battery life, current speed, odometer, and even the controller temperature.

Fluid Mosquito Scooter

Braking & Suspension

On either side of the handlebar, you have two levers. The one on the right side is your throttle for acceleration, while the one on the left is your electric brake lever. Pressing it will use the front motor to slow you down, and it’s also regenerative braking that will put energy back into your battery. You also have a 2nd brake lever on the right side of the handlebar which will apply the drum brake on the rear wheel.

We found that the rear brake is actually really strong, so much so that you can easily lock up the rear wheel for some skids. For suspension, the Mosquito has both front and rear suspension. The front suspension is built into the stem over the front wheel, while the rear suspension is built into the board. Both work really well to dampen most bumps in the road for a smooth ride.

Fluid Mosquito Scooter suspension

Range & Light

For range, it has a max range of 22 miles – through your range will always depend on your weight, the mode you’re in, and the conditions you ride in. Looking at lights, it features a super bright LED headlight that also powers the LED rear lights. The rear lights also blink when you use either the hand brake or electronic brake.

Fluid Mosquito Scooter Lights

Overall Thoughts

For warranty, FluidFreeRide offers a 12-month warranty plus lifetime service for your scooter with 50% off any parts and labour. Overall, the Mosquito makes for a smooth and reliable ride. For a lightweight scooter, the Mosquito still packs a lot of features that portable scooters usually have to scrap to fit in a smaller package.

Though the scooter itself is thinner and more narrow than other scooters we’ve tested, we wish the handlebars were a little less narrow for an even more comfortable ride. Because of that, we wouldn’t recommend this scooter for riders taller than 6ft. Alright, that’s it for now. Next, be sure to check out our picks for the best electric scooters of the year, as well as some of our other reviews. Thank You.

Fluid Mosquito Scooter

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