Google Baloon in Space

Google Baloon in Space

As you may already know, SpaceX has launched the Starlink Inter-Satellite Project. To install towers, provide services, and provide Internet services in difficult-to-maintain areas.

To this end, Google has long been developing a Google Loon, a space-based balloon-assisted Internet access point.

Google has been experimenting with this project in Sri Lanka in the past. But it was halt due to various issues.

Fill to a tennis court’s size, these helium-filled balloons are position 65,000 feet above the sky. Even above commercial aircraft, and are powered by solar panels.

But the main challenge for the researchers at Google was to keep the balloon in one place. And they are now able to find a solution using AI technology.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has placed a balloon over the Pacific Ocean for 39 consecutive days using AI technology called Reinforcement Learning (RL).

According to the journal Nature, AI technology is using to maintain the balloon’s position, to find the best wind, and to determine whether its altitude should go up or down. “past meteorological and current meteorological data.” It is stated that received.

The company points out that this RL AI technology can,

“determine the condition of the balloon, how much power is left in it, and what is the best course of action for people using a cell phone at the time to stay on top.”

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