How much does Google know about you_

How much does Google know about you?

Google knows a lot about you. for example,

  • Your Browsing History.
  • Videos you watched on YouTube.
  • Goods you bought over the internet.
  • You Location History

Google can get things like. Even though these may seem small to you, the amount of data generated from these is huge.

Looking for Terms & Conditions that agree without looking

Usually, when we install a new service or software, we often do not read the service’s privacy settings. So you understand by now that agreeing to this means that you are unknowingly or knowingly allowing your data to be taken.

So now it’s not surprising that Google knows things like your age and where you live.

  • Places you searched for on Google Maps
  • Apps you’ve used (on your Android phone)
  • The YouTube videos you watch and your desires with them.
  • Drafts Gmail messages and files that you send.

How can that be?

So when it comes to your location details, it’s not just about where you left off. The relevant date, time, travel time, how much time you spent in the relevant place if you use something like Google Fit, even the number of feet you have, any time you went out, and how much time is stored.

Also, Google can directly collect data related to the data you use when you use an app like Spotify.

Google Photos is great for free cloud storage. But in this service, not only your photos but also the relevant date locations are stored in a database.

Why Google collect these data?

So when it comes down to it, it’s not just about trying to track yourself. Using this data, Google will be able to show you the most suitable Ad-like things (Ex.- YouTube Ads).

So is giving up all Google services the solution now?

not. Because it’s hard for you to browse the Internet apart from all Google services. If you do not want things like your internet search to be tracked you can use a service like duckduckgo. However, Google is a service that uses a lot of the apps and services we use.

Who can you trust on the internet?

But when it comes to technology, you can only trust yourself. Therefore, you should not give extremely personal information to the internet. For example, do not upload your very personal photos, etc., on internet services.

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