LG OLED TV C1 Series 83” AI-Powered Alexa, Google, Airplay Built-in 4k Smart TV

If you want to experience a cinema, LG OLED TV is the best option. It’s a pleasure to watch LG OLED TV. The self-brightening pixels provide truly spectacular picture quality and a wide range of full design capabilities, helping to provide unprecedented levels of modern technology. This is what you love about TV – to the top in every way. The LG OLED TV is a technological leap. Designed so slim, this will make the wall of your home another art masterpiece.

Slim design

What makes LG OLED TV different from everything else?

The answer is automatically glowing pixels. A self-illuminating display technology that makes all the difference to your viewing experience. Unlike LED TVs, which are limited by background technology, LG OLED TVs are extremely realistic and unique designs. Depending on the picture quality, the OLED LED lowers the hand. This is because OLED has millions of automatic light pixels capable of producing perfect black and accurate colors. The result is an unprecedented viewing experience. Global testing agency Intertek has confirmed that LG OLED displays are 100% color reliable. As a result, the color you see on the screen is similar to the color of the real image. At the heart of every OLED TV is its α9 Gen4 AI Processor. The processor here automatically adjusts the sound to the image to give you the maximum enjoyment you need.

Features & controlling

Its operating system built into the device is web OS from LG. It features a user-friendly interface, as well as many apps to download. It also comes with the most recent edition of the Magic Remote, whose feature of point-and-press can function as a Wi-Fi remote, which makes menu navigation more simple. Furthermore, the TV features a 120Hz display with 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs which means you’ll be able to make the most from the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s features by playing 4K @ 120 fps gaming. Regarding the variable refresh rate (VRR) support, the TV comes with the native Free Sync and HDMI Forum VRR and G-SYNC compatible to minimize screen tear. It’s great with Google Assistant, Alexa, Airplay.

100% color volume Bright color display

Thanks to LG TV’s superior color reproduction technology, LG OLED TVs get full-color volume. With 100% color volume, LG OLED can transmit 100% DCI-P3 spectrum across 3D color space, covering the entire brightness range of the TV. This means that no matter how bright or dark the display is, the colors remain alive with full saturation.

How about the movie experience on LG OLED TV?

You can see a wonderful movie experience. Thanks, LG, for it. And with perfect black and 100% color confidence, you can see how you intend to watch movies. LG’s Dynamic Range technology, HDR 10 Pro, enhances color, reveals every little detail, and brings brightness to every image – it also intensifies the average HDR content. So now your favorite movies and shows will be more and more colorful from start to finish.

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Voice command

LG ThinQ allows simple command and control of the Home IoT ecosystem using a naturally-speaking voice. Using Google Assistant, you can manage the LG OLED TV using your voice and enjoy entertainment more quickly.

Magic Remote

The updated Magic Remote is an easy-to-use ergonomic design that allows you to find the point and scroll element quickly. Built-in AI gives you easy access to the services of the most popular content providers and hotkeys to provide you with access to your favorite content. In addition, you can now access Magic Tap, a great way to connect your smartphone to your TV.

AI surrounds Sound System.

With the AI technology here, you can enjoy a smooth, unique sound. Through the use of over 17 million audio sources, the processor recognizes the voice as well as effects and frequencies, allowing it to enhance audio by genre further to provide an immersive experience. Also, the newly developed automatic volume leveling feature maintains consistent voice levels across different kinds of content. Easily connect a Bluetooth speaker for a real wireless surround sound experience.

Eye comfort technology

One of the most serious problems we face when watching television is the inability to watch television for long periods of time, which can be dangerous to the eyes due to the high color and brightness of the screen. But LG OLED TV has been the best option for it.

Two international companies, (TUV) Rheinland and Underwriter Laboratories (UL), have certified LG TV’s screen panels as low light, flicker-free, and “Eyesafe” certified for LG panels. Any TV that receives the “Eyesafe” certification is included in the world’s number one television category. In addition, LG OLED TV is always eco-friendly.

LG OLED TV Full Specification

Display4K (3840×2160)Bandwidth4 x HDMI 2.1*, 4K 120P
Audio2.2ch / 40WHDMI featuresALLM/eARC
StandStandVRRVRR / NVIDIA G-Sync/FreeSync
Processorα9 Gen4 AI Processor 4KPlatformwebOS 6.0, Magic Tap
ProcessingAI Picture Pro, AI Sound ProVoice ControlRemote
Color100% Color Fidelity / Color VolumeGamingGame optimizer/Dashboard / HGiG
Eye ComfortLow-blue light, Flicker-freeSmartGoogle Assistant, Alexa, Airplay
HDRDolby Vision IQ / HDR10 Pro / HLGDisplay Sizes83″ 77″ 65″ 55″ 48″
Full specification about LG OLED TV

Where can buy this?

You can buy it at LG Showrooms and Amazon.

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83″$ 4996.99BUY NOW
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