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Nexdigitrion Power station Review – 100W Power Bank

Today we have with us a unique tech gadget and it’s a power station. So here is the box of the Nexdigitrion Power station. And guys’ power stations are like power banks but a lot more powerful than a power bank. So here you can see you get the USB Support, can charge a laptop, camera, PSP Game, can be used for camping, travel and also used to power a mini-fridge and small fan. At the back of the box, we have specifications, product info and scenarios where you can use this portable power station. And also, guys, you can see the max output from this power station is 100W.

Now let’s open the box and show you the content. So on the top, we have the user guide, and it has info about how to use this power station. Then We have the power station itself. And guys, my first impression is that it’s quite compact, and the build quality seems decent. We will look at the power station in a moment. Let’s see what else we have in the box. So we get two power socket converters to use with the power station, and then here we have the DC to cigarette socket converter, and then we have a Type c USB cable and a power adapter of 12w.

 Nexdigitron Portable Power Station

So that’s all we have in the box. Now let’s look at the power station. Nexdigitron Power station is one of the first made in India portable power stations. You can use this power station to charge your devices on the go using both DC and AC power. So that means you charge your smartphone, earphones, etc., and use this to power on the devices that require AC power, such As your laptop, a vacuum cleaner, and a home appliance such as a fan or a mini-fridge. So this is the perfect camping or touring gadget, and in my opinion, it’s a must-have gadget when you are traveling.

Now in terms of the overview in the front, we have the next digitron branding and here we have the ports and buttons. In the front, we have the DC output for the cigarette socket converter, a DC button to switch to DC mode, Two USB ports out of which one supports Quick charge, and then we have an LCD display to show you the battery status, and then we have the USB port which is for both charging this device as well as using this to charge your phone.

And then we have the power button. On the side, we have the AC output socket, and it’s a US-type socket. And to use it with your appliances, you get the converters in the package. And then next to it, we have the AC button to turn on the AC mode. A fan also turns on when you switch to the AC mode to cool the power station. At the back, we can see the capacity, which is 30,000mAh, and the output power of the DC USB port as well as the Ac output.

In terms of the usage, guys, I have been using this power station for a month now, and here is what I think about it. So the main reason I am using this is to charge my laptop, and here we have a MacBook, and I can easily charge this laptop twice on the go. And here, can you see I have a cable which shows the power output, and we get the max 45-watt power output using this power station. And as mentioned earlier, you get the 100w power output from this station, and I have tested it myself by using it to turn on a TV that requires 70w power. So, you can use it easily to power on a table fan or a light while camping.

Apart from that, you can use it to charge your phone like a regular power bank or use the dc to cigarette socket converter to power car gadgets such as a tire inflator or vacuum cleaner, and for the demonstration purpose here we have an earphone which requires a cigarette socket adapter. And one thing I want to mention here is that for creators or vloggers, this is a perfect device; with this, you can charge your camera or drone batteries on the go. And that too on AC power. So overall, the Nexdigitron power station is a perfect travel and camping partner. It’s made in India and is one of the first in this category. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously, and the 30000 mah battery is more than enough to charge 2-3 devices simultaneously.

 Nexdigitron Portable Power Station

The AC power output is this gadget’s USP, and you can charge your laptop or power on min appliances on the go. So, in short, if you are in the market for a portable power station that performs well, then we highly recommend you to check out this power station from Nexdigitron, and as usual, if you like it and want to buy one then do check the buy link in the description below. So that’s it, guys. This was the unboxing & Review of the Nexdigitron Portable power station.

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