Noise Flair XL Neckband Review

Noise Flair XL Neckband Review – BEST BUDGET Bluetooth Neckband 2022

Today we have a budget neckband from the noise. It’s the Noise Flair XL. And in this article, we will do the unboxing and tell you how it performs. So starting with the unboxing in the front of the box, we have the picture of the neckband and the model name Noise Flair XL, and it’s the Bluetooth neckband. At the back, we can see that this variant is Stone blue and it’s available in a few different colours.


And here we have some key features such as 80 hours of battery backup, instant charge, ENC for Calls, Voice assistant, IPX5 water resistance and you get the Bluetooth 5.2 support. The MRP on the box is $49; however, it will be available to purchase for Just $19. Now let’s open the box and show you the content. So in the box, we get the documentation which includes a user guide which has the info about the features of this neckband, then we get the welcome cards, and here we have the warranty information, and after that, we get these noise stickers.

Then in the box, we have the type c charging cable and here we have extra ear tips and fins of small and large sizes. So that’s all the accessories we get in the box. Now let’s look at the neckband closely. Noise Flair XL Neckband is a Bluetooth budget neckband. Looking at the design and build quality, the build quality seems pretty good.

Design and features

Specially this rubberized neckband and it feels quite soft and flexible. We get the ear style earbuds and these fins to give you a proper snug fit. Design and build quality-wise, keeping in mind that it’s a budget neckband. We find the quality of both the neckband and the earbuds pretty good. Now in terms of the overview, we have the Noise branding on the neckband with nothing else on it.

The control buttons are not on the neckband. Instead, you get this module with the function button and the volume up and down. You also get the led light here and the Type c charging port. At the back of the module, we have the mic. The wire quality from the neckband to the earbuds feels sturdy and durable. In terms of the earbuds, we have the in-ear style earbuds, and you get the 10mm driver in them.

The earbuds are magnetic, and this neckband comes with hyper sync technology, allowing you to pair them with your phone instantly when you detach the earbuds. In terms of the battery, you will get 80 hours of battery backup, and also, this neckband comes with the Instacharge, which allows you to use this neckband for 15 hours in just 10 minutes of charge.


Now, let’s pair the neckband with our phone and we will see how it performs. So for pairing, just detach the earbuds, and that’s it. They are available to pair with our device, and here they are paired with our phone. Now before we talk about the performance, let me show you the button controls.

So a single press on the middle button will pause and play music, and you can increase or decrease the volume with the plus and the minus button. Long pressing the plus button will take you to the next song, and long-pressing the minus button will take you back to the previous song. You can call google assistant or Siri by long-pressing the function button. Now let’s talk about the most important thing, and that is the performance.


So, guys, the first thing we noticed is that the earbuds are very comfortable to use, and with the fins, on the earbuds, you get a proper snug fit but make sure to use the correct size ear tip and the fin. In terms of the sound output, they are loud, and the instrument separation is good. I didn’t find the bass too much, and it’s average. It’s not that bad, but this neckband doesn’t expect too much bass. The vocals are clear, and we found them good for watching videos and movies during testing.

So, in short, if you are a bass lover, you will not find the performance up to the mark, but again, keeping in mind the pricing, the performance is not that bad. They are good for watching videos and movies and listening to casual music. We have also done a lag test, and in this neckband, you will not notice any lag while watching videos on the OTT platform but a minor lag while playing games. And the lag is somewhere around 150 milliseconds. In terms of the mic performance, the mic clarity is good for both voice and video calls and much better than some TWS earphones in this price segment.

So overall, the Noise Flair XL neckband offers a decent design and build quality. The performance is good for music and movies, And the audio output of this neckband is not that bass-heavy, but the instrument separation is very good, and the vocals are clear.

In terms of usage, they are quite comfortable to use, and the neckband is also lightweight. The battery backup is also good, and the instant charge is an advantage. And also, you get the dual pairing, by which you can pair this neckband with two devices simultaneously.

So to sum it up, if you are in the market for a budget Bluetooth neckband under $18 and thumpy bass is not your preference, then this newly launched neckband from noise is a good option.

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