Best Android Apps 2022

The Best Android Apps 2022

With the start of a new month, we are back with our monthly best android apps series for July. And this article is packed with eight amazing apps. I will show you six must-have apps on your phone, One excellent wallpaper app, and one game you should try this month. So, without further ado, let’s start the article.

01. Cometin

Now let’s start the article with the first app, Cometin. That allows you to make valuable customizations that improve your smartphone usage experience without rooting your phone. Cometin contains a collection of features in the form of modules. The app has thirteen modules: Ambient display, Better rotation, Caffeine, Comethin Sync, Darker brightness, Flip to Shhh, Hide head-up, Immersive, Parallel, pocket mode, Remap assistant, and Shake action.

Also, in every release, developers keep adding more and more modules. Now when you click on the text below each module, you will find the details on how this module will help your customisation. And here, for example, I took the shake actions module, which will perform all the mentioned tasks when you shake your phone.

Now go back and tap on install to download this module. Once done, go to module manager and enable this module. And here, you can set the sensitivity level and have a whole list of activities which this module can perform. And for example, I have selected shake required before executing action is two, which means once I shake my phone twice, it will perform the selected activity. And from the launch app, I will select Kindle. Now, whenever I sake my phone twice, it will open the app. Now you can automate several options on your phone without installing multiple applications. A very futuristic app makes it one of the must-have apps for this month.

02. Freshwalls

The next app in our list is from the wallpaper category, which is the FreshWalls wallpaper app, which brings fresh, high-quality, latest wallpapers for your Android Phone. This wallpaper app contains numerous categories such as Abstract, AMOLED, Anime, Games, Web-Series, Superheroes, and more. Most importantly, the app is free to use, offering high-resolution wallpapers that can go up to 4K resolution.

And what makes it different from other wallpaper is that it allows you to add a few customisations to your wallpapers, like changing colour and adding blur into it. Apart from this, you will also get a trading tab where you will find the most downloaded wallpapers, which will keep you in the trend. And If you are a creator, the app allows you to share the snaps of your creativity with the FreshWalls community and become popular in no time. Also, if you are looking for stock wallpapers from Samsung, OnePlus or Apple, you will also find those in this app as well.


Now moving to the next app is our list which is Flynx and this is one of the most important apps for those who love to read many articles on social media platforms. If we click on a link on Twitter, Facebook or any other platform, it leaves the app and takes us to the link we have clicked. Now, Flynx will work as a messenger chathead and parallelly keep opening all the links you have clicked without disturbing the main content.

And you can access those links whenever you want to read them. One of the big features of Flynx is that it will also reduce full web pages down to reader-friendly texts. Flynx also lets users quickly save articles to read later, which can be opened up in the Flynx app and read offline.

Flynx is still a pretty impressive alternative for the times when you aren’t connected to WiFi and don’t want to use your data. It intelligently brings in photos from the body of the article and presents them in a nice, clean view that even includes a night mode. Very easy to use and can be an alternative browser for you if you are more into reading online content. So definitely check this out.


Now Cache is the next app on our list, and this is a pretty handy application for storing text copied from anywhere on your phone. You can go anywhere on your phone and select the text you want to keep for future reference. If you tap the little three-dot menu, you’ll get a new option that says stash. Now, if you tap that, the text will get transferred to your notification centre and to the app itself.

Now within the app, you can label that text, making your selections easier to shift between later on. In the app, you have a few predefined tags like the idea, to-do, goal and so on, and you also create your manual by giving a name and selecting an emoticon for it. It’s a well-designed app that has the potential to come in handy, so definitely try this out.

05. Screen Dimmer

And the next app on our list is Screen Dimmer which ideally helps you control the dimness level of your screen. So, here you can see this is the minimum brightness level you can achieve by using the default option on your phone. And, if you think about it, this is pretty bright. Because when I turn off the lights, you see the brightness more enough for reading are watching the video in this situation.

Now when we jump into the Screen Dimmer app, it gives us the ability to control lower brightness levels, and I can go darker to the zero level. Without losing any functionalities, everything is still working fine. And the best part of this app is you can directly go back to your normal screen brightness from your notification panel. It also allows changing the colour of the screen, which will be help full when you are reading a book in a dark room or even at night. This works great on AMOLED display, and this app is free, so definitely check this out.


And the next app on our list is Dumpster, which works like a recycle bin for your phone. So if any data gets deleted from your phone accidentally or by mistake, and if you want to recover those files, then Dumpster is the app for you.

A dumpster works precisely like a recycle bin for your phone! Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’ll automatically backup your recently deleted data without root privileges, allowing you to undelete files, restore photos, and recover deleted videos.

It’s your one-stop shop when you need a deleted photo recovery tool. Here, I am deleting these old screenshots and even removing them from the trash bin as well. Now, when I check the app, these screenshots are still available for recovery with the same size and resolution. A handy app to recover Video, photos, and any data file. You name it. The Dumpster does it all for you.

Now, for this app, You have two options: buy the premium version with some additional features or watch a few ads to recover the deleted files. But if you are looking for an application which only works like a recycle bin for your phone, then you must go for a free version.

07. Skip Ads

And the next app on our list is Skip Ads, a very tiny app that takes less than 2 MB of space in your phone. Which ideally helps you in skipping the YouTube ads automatically. You don’t have to do anything only once the app is installed. You just need to provide permission to run the app in the background.

And whenever you are watching YouTube and having a Skip ad, it will automatically skip those ads. This app works perfectly every time, even with screen overlays, frame-in-frame windows, and laggy connections. This app also allows you to set pause time and gives you overall stats of how many times you have opened youtube and watched an hour. All in all, this app does the job perfectly, and for the avoidance of doubt, it will not block any ads. It just helps you in skipping the ads.

08. Freeze! 2 – Brothers (game)

And the last app on our list is a game, which is Freeze! 2 – Brothers. It is a sequel to the monochrome physics puzzler that required you to spin a spike-filled maze to help an eyeball escape. It adds a fresh twist to the formula in the shape of a second eyeball. This brings a whole new dimension to the gameplay as you have to get your balls working in unison. Their unique bodies allow them to perform different tasks, like activating switches, fitting through tighter gaps, or blocking off the water.

Working out who needs to do what and how to use the freeze switches to the best effect provides some solid mental exercise. And that is the best way to describe Freeze! 2 – Brothers. It’s a good workout for the brain with a unique atmosphere, charm, and a compelling twist on an old formula. So that was the list of Best android apps for May. If you think there is any other app that should make up this list, comment below so that everyone is aware.

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